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For over 15 years, Blu Arctic has been a trusted provider of Procurement Financing Services for seafood inventories. With offices located in both the United States and Canada, our extensive reach has allowed us to source seafood from over 40 countries. We take pride in our global presence, enabling us to store seafood in various countries, subject to our insurance policy.

Our team brings together more than 80 years of combined experience in the seafood and finance sectors. At Blu Arctic, we have the invaluable support of private and institutional investors, ensuring our financial stability and commitment to excellence. As far as we are aware, we stand as the sole Procurement Company entirely devoted to serving the seafood and fishing industry.

Program Structure

At Blu Arctic, we collaborate closely with companies in the seafood industry, delivering specialized Inventory Procurement Services. Our distinctive approach involves assuming temporary ownership of seafood throughout its journey, encompassing both transport and storage on a global scale. Our Program structures are meticulously crafted to align with the unique requirements of our valued Procurement Partners, accounting for specific considerations within the supply chain and the diverse countries involved.

One of our key differentiators is our ability to leverage our own financial resources for procurement purchases. This means that Blu Arctic's funds are employed to facilitate the procurement process, ensuring our partners benefit from efficient and timely procurement solutions.

Transaction Examples

Program for an Eastern Asian seafood trading company to bridge their peak season inventory purchases.
Program for integrated U.S. fishing and processing company to increase their inventory holding capacity.
Program for multi-tiered, regional U.S. distribution company to increase their frozen fish selling capacity.
Program for North American seafood processing and distribution company to increase their inventory storage capacities in China.
Programs for various European distribution companies to increase their seafood offerings.
Program for a Latin American seafood company to support exports to Europe and Asia
Program to acquire seafood inventories aboard vessels and in warehouses for a Procurement Partner in context with a quota purchase.
Program for North American shellfish purchases, helping our Procurement Partner to manage seasonal needs.
Global Import Procurement Program for one of the largest North American seafood companies.
Program for various U.S. distributors to support imports of fish and bait from Latin America, Asia and Africa.
Programs for various seafood processors in a number of European countries to import a large variety of seafood from around the world.
Program for a North American distributor to purchase and store live lobsters.
Programs for a number of North American groundfish and shellfish processors to increase their inventory capacities.
Program for a multi-national seafood company to optimize their export/customs procedures in various emerging markets.
Programs for multiple Procurement Partners around the world to purchase stored seafood to improve cash flow
Program for a Procurement Partner to import a protected species under a NOAA license.
Program spanning the globe for a Procurement Partner to facilitate the purchase, transport, processing and re-export of shellfish.
Program for a Procurement Partner to purchase Crab and export/deliver it to Asian and North American End Buyers.
We finance seafood for multiple Procurement Partners during processing
Programs to procure/finance raw materials for Procurement Partner and later finished products to extend cash flow support
Programs for various Latin/Central American/European Procurement Partners to facilitate exports to North America
Support Procurement Partners’ inventory purchases for government contracts
Programs for bait purchases for North American and European Procurement Partners.
Programs for various Procurement Partners to allow them to increase inventory capacities to serve their retail customer base.

How Our Programs Benefit you

Immediate Cash Flow Support
We use our own capital to facilitate purchases, ensuring you have the financial support you need when you need it most.
Procurement Expertise
In an environment characterized by lengthy and disrupted supply chains and constantly fluctuating prices, we are sourcing seafood efficiently on your behalf.
Seasonal Peaks
We act as a bridge during seasonal peaks, ensuring a steady supply of inventory for you.
Price Volatility Management
Our programs enable you to hold inventories longer, mitigating the impact of high price volatility and providing stability to your operations.
Support for Growth
We support your business growth by offering financial solutions that adapt to your evolving needs.
Global Inventory Presence
Blu Arctic maintains inventories in various parts of the world ensuring a global reach.
Balance Sheet Management
Our programs can assist in managing your balance sheet.
Supply Chain Optimization
We help you navigate complex customs, supply chain challenges, and warehousing intricacies.
Tailor-Made Solutions
Our flexible, tailor-made program structures and day-to-day procedures are designed to align perfectly with your unique requirements. Partnering with Blu Arctic means gaining a strategic ally dedicated to your success in the ever-evolving seafood industry.

Seafood procurement is what we do day in, day out

Our team has honed our expertise through years of navigating the unique challenges of the sector. We understand the intricacies, nuances, and ever-evolving nature of the seafood industry, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

We Are Active Throughout The Value Chain

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The Team

Thomas J. Leissl
Founder/CEO & COO
More than 30 years of trade finance, supply chain finance, leveraged finance and private equity experience. Has been in seafood Inventory Procurement since 2006.
Ólafur Thorsteinsson
Chief Marketing Officer and Seafood Expert
More than 20 years of international trade, banking and trade finance experience. He has spent most of his career in the seafood industry.
Susan O’Byrne
Finance Director
Twenty years of experience in finance and marketing. She has worked in consulting, consumer products and finance.

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